Do you feel like you are losing the rat race?!? Meet us at a new starting line… Join us at SoulStart 2014!! Where you start living and leading from your SOUL!

Release the race mentality and begin mapping out your own journey, at your own pace, with your heart guiding the way! Join us for a day and half @ SoulStart 2014 where we will lead you back to your authentic self through physical movement, guided meditations and SoulStart Strategies.

Body Healing Movement & Alignments

Allow healing hands to help move old stagnant energy from the body. Kara has been a healer for over 13 years and was trained by Shamans. She draws from various ancient and new healing modalities from her travels all over the world including the following:

Reiki * Cranial Sacral Therapy * Neuromuscular Therapy * Myofascial Release * Alexander Technique * Reflexology * Ayurvedic Digestion Massage * Chinese Medicine Acupressure using Meridians and Pressure Points * Cranial Still Points * Pregnancy Massage * Thai Yoga Massage * Deep Swedish * Aromatherapy

Kara will be teaching yoga class during this retreat.

Guided Meditations

Experience a simple 15 minute ancient technique called Yoga Nidra. Allow Kara and Cora to guide you through a process to allow deep relaxation and give your nervous system a total "reset". This technique can be learned and then done after the retreat as a wellness tool for your toolbox.

Energetic Healings

Using healing essential oils, gentle bodywork and working with the body's natural rhythms of breath you will experience healing throughout your body. Kara works with your nervous system, cranial and sacral areas of our physical body as well as your inner energy spots known as chakras. Allow her to remove, clear and redirect the energy inside your being and in honor of your souls true purpose.

Healthy & Delicious Gourmet Food

To help power the your amazing transformations, we will be nourishing your bodies with healthy, local, light and delicious food. We all need support and replenishment from mother Earth, and food is one her many gifts to us as we journey in life. We encourage intuitive eating and will be providing a spread to graze upon during both days of the retreat so you stay energized while you dive into the magic and learning of Soul Start. All recipes will be available to take home and make yourself!

Breakthrough Life Coaching Support

Release any resistance, fear, and Ego Story from you Body and Spirit FOR GOOD. Let go of anything that has been holding you back from fully stepping into your Power, Truth, and Soul.

Because of the small group setting, there will be plenty of 1 on 1 and small group coaching and healing, leading to limitless transformations and breakthroughs!

Access to Soul Start Strategies

Go home with POWERFUL action steps to start living and leading from the Soul NOW. Learn daily and weekly practices and rituals that will assist you in dropping down from the head/ego and into Truth with confidence, grace, and ease.

PLUS, we will send you home with a FABULOUS accountability system to support you in further cultivating your Intuition, listening to the language of the Soul and living and THRIVING from there.

Life Long Connections with your Soul Family and Tribe

Build and cultivate relationships with other Soul Centered women in the LA area and beyond. YOU ARE NOT ALONE and it takes a Village to raise an Intuitive Soul having a Human Experience.

YOU DESERVE SUPPORT. You will make lifelong relationships that will serve you both professionally and personally. SISTERHOOD ROCKS!

The Soul Start Retreat will be held at The Secret Studio in Los Angeles, California (above iHop @ 12115 W Ohio Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025).

Cora Poage

Cora Poage is the Owner of Sexy Soul Wellness. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Cora's specialty is helping her clients align with their Soul and the Truth, fall in love with themselves, and align with their unique and Sacred Service on the planet. She is also a Teacher for her Alma mater, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she leads classes on Intuitive Coaching and Authentic Entrepreneurship. Cora believes that we when we align with our Soul and our Truth collectively, we create Heaven on Earth.

Natalie Robuck

Natalie Robuck is a private career and business coach with a passion for assisting individuals in discovering a soul-centered career, and for entrepreneurs a sustainable business model that they can authentically take to the next level. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs, owned her own gourmet food store out of college and spent much of her career in Corporate America where she felt most called towards mentoring those seeking career and personal growth guidance. She also discovered her true gift was in operationalizing business models and feels most called to work with smaller companies and entrepreneurs. She also holds a Holistic Health Coach certification from the Institute from Integrative Nutrition and loves creating healthy and gourmet meals for her friends, family and small events. She lives in Venice Beach and enjoys the laid back Southern California beach lifestyle when she is not traveling the world!

Kara Brackney

Kara found her path to yoga and meditation originating from a need to overcome health challenges that were draining the quality of everyday life. By learning holistic and natural methods of self care and preventative wellness she cured a 5-year bulimic eating disorder and the accompanying crippling poor body image, low self esteem and a hatred for eating in general. She quit smoking after 10 years and overcame a paralyzing social anxiety with panic attacks that turned into agoraphobia for almost 6 months. Kara experienced a very short stint on western medication after seeing a psychiatrist who put her on several prescriptions to manage her conditions. While this regimen allowed Kara to get out of the house initially she new she needed a different path when her doctor disclosed that her prescriptive treatment had a beginning but no end.
She has said “anxiety stole my life, so I had to steal it back”. Determined, she began meditation regularly and stepped into yoga class. Through a regular meditation and yoga practice she has learned to “manage” her anxiety/panic attacks 100% holistically with no medication. She wakes up grateful every single day and she is her natural bubbly and happy self again. Kara’s “relationship with food” has gone from negative to passionately pleasurable.
Kara is the owner of Gioia Yoga and is a Certified Yoga Instructor trained under Shiva Rea, a Certified Holistic Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (where she and Cora met at the Graduate Immersion program), graduated from Lexington Healing Arts Academy and also trained and work under several chefs in NYC/LA and Aspen to became a personal chef. She has fallen madly in love with yoga, cooking, food and eating! Committing her life to helping her students and clients- especially women -who are experiencing the same challenges she did. You can find her teaching weekly yoga and meditation classes in Santa Monica, corporate yoga classes at company’s around LA and smiling a lot.

You want to start living less from your head and more from your soul.

You are feeling stuck and overwhelmed by fear, control, addiction, people-pleasing and anxiety.

We only have openings for 15 women.


Before I met Cora, I was stuck in an unfulfilling job that I hated, struggling with food, weight and body image, navigating a challenging relationship, and completely unaware of my purpose in this life or how to get there. I came across a blog post that Cora had written and immediately identified with the struggles she had overcome. I sought her coaching so that I could learn how to love myself.

After working with Cora, I am now the proud owner of my very own health and wellness practice. I feel like I’ve found my calling and now have the confidence and abilities to carry it out. I quit my full-time job a few months ago. I no longer struggle with my weight or give energy to food issues. I am in a loving and balanced relationship.

I am living my dream! To say that working with Cora was life-altering feels like an understatement. She not only helped me set logical intentions on each call, but she also has an uncanny ability to connect clients to the people and resources they need to move forward with their intentions.

With Cora’s guidance, I was able to look inward for answers and cultivate a spiritual practice that has lead to success in all areas of my life. Her insight often feels as though it’s being channeled from a higher dimension. She is equally powerful as she is warm and compassionate. I am very blessed to have her as my coach and mentor and now as my friend. I recommend her services to anyone looking to make a serious shift from fear and pain to a life of love and light.”

30, New York City


Natalie has a real gift when it comes to writing resumes. Her ability to describe one's strengths and strategically organize them in a resume is incredible. Natalie's guidance and work on my resume helped immensely in my career search. She transformed my generic resume into a powerful story that caught hiring managers' attention.”

32, California


Kara is truly a physical and spiritual guide, with an incredible ability to bring out the inner-Yogi in us all. Whether you are a core-power pro or a first time flow-er, Kara's yoga classes blend challenging poses, breathing exercises, and meditation leaving you feeling stronger and on a path to better living.
Kara's classes strike the perfect balance between fitness and spirituality and have become my sanctuary where I can calm my mind, strengthen my body, and work towards a healthier me, inside and out!"

Monique Kattan


I reached out to Cora when I was at the lowest point in my life. I was battling a 10 year long eating disorder. I tried so many times to fight it but I was unsuccessful doing it alone. Reaching out to Cora and investing in myself was the best decision I have ever made in my life. There were so many times that I wanted to reach out for help but I was fearful of sharing my vulnerabilities. Cora has helped me release my anxieties around food and issues about my body image. I hated myself for so long. Cora guided me with love and support.

Working with Cora has taught me That it is not about avoiding the challenges and triggers in life, rather it is is about facing them. When I make mistakes or feel disappointed I immediately forgive myself. Self forgiveness has been the most life changing tool that Cora has given me. I started working with Cora a year ago and my life is awesome! I embrace challenges and invest in myself because I love myself. I am free, I am vulnerable, I am a source of love and the world needs me. I am so beyond grateful that God has intuitively led me to Cora. This has been the hardest, most challenging, loving, free year of my life.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and you are ready to FEEL and break free of your fears I recommend working with Cora! But be warned, she will rock the boat, you will cry and your perception will change! Cora will guide you to see the light and once you do there is no going back!”

31, Queens, NY


With her positive affirmations, industry know how, and insight Natalie was able to guide me through the most difficult crossroads in my professional life. In addition to whipping my résumé into shape (and stressing the importance of tailoring it specifically for each job I was going after) she helped me focus and pinpoint the exact skills that made me not only a viable candidate but one that can be truly proud of their achievements and assets. In addition to practical help, Natalie is a master at shining a positive light on situations that seem otherwise bleak and sussing out hidden opportunities. After working with her, I landed a job that was in a field I never thought I'd be able to penetrate, much less carve out a career for myself."

28, California


I struggled with what it meant to be 'healthy'. I went through a spiraling 5-year struggle with yo-yo dieting, getting sick all the time and lack of self love before finding Kara's business card. I had no idea what amazing discoveries were in store for me. I learned lifelong essential tools to keep my all around health centered and balanced. I gained confidence in cooking and the types of foods that can give me nourishing and satisfying energy. I learned things I had never thought about before, like how food effects my mood, drive, zest for life etc. All of this helped me realize what parts of my life were not balanced. Now I know how to listen to my body and give it what it needs."

H Blaylock

Joss Burnel

Working with Cora has been an absolute delight. I have never felt so joyously affirmed or encouraged to offer my gifts as this. I was feeling stuck and sluggish but no more! Cora’s enthusiasm for me and celebration of me, combined with her savvy and wisdom has set me on the path to living my dream life.”

Joss Burnel
57, Nova Scotia Canada


In the fall of 2010, I abruptly lost my job. Having been employed at a company that provided Natural Gas to the community, I felt my position was secure. I worked very hard and devoted so many long days and hours to this company for over 5 years, updating my resume and contracts didn’t seem necessary and was never a priority. However, all of a sudden it was and I was completely lost in trying to build a resume that stood out above others and that also highlighted all my experience. I turned to Natalie, as my dear friend and as a professional career advisor. I provided her scribbles of my career history, dates and trainings and she returned to me and amazing resume. I had so many return calls from potential employers and am now employed with a company that I love! I can never thank Natalie enough, I don’t know what I would do without her expertise!!”

32, California


I began Kara's program a few months ago and I am so glad I stumbled across her name in a magazine. She has been a blessing! As a busy working mother of a 3 year old I began to realize I wasn't feeding my family the healthiest of choices. And wanting to get back to a healthy weight, after trying many fad diets, I felt like I needed a true health and nutrition counselor. And that is exactly what Kara is. I feel like she has opened my eyes to a whole new world of eating and cooking and is coaching me for a new lifestyle. I love the fact that nothing has been drastic and she listens and talks to me as an individual and caters the program to what works for me and my family. I think many people would benefit from her program and enjoy the journey as much as I have."

J Garner


Working with Cora was one of the best gifts I gave to myself. I have had struggles with body image and disordered eating for most of my life and was at a really low point. Cora’s support, advice and experience were key in my finally being able to learn to love myself in a way that I didn’t believe would ever be possible.”

49, Chicago, IL


Numbers Don't lie! I have gone from three hundred pounds in December to 241 pounds in June. I did this through the guidance of Kara. Through careful self evaluation and Kara developing a program that suited my individual needs I made the choice to adopt a vegan eating lifestyle. And I have to say she did not push it on me, she simply empowered me when I decided to go that route. She gave me a two hour tour of Whole Foods and some personalized cooking classes that are all geared to how I am eating at this point. Kara has a heart of gold and a genuine desire to help men and women be the best they can be. I would not be where I am today without her."

J Rollins


Dear Kara, thanks so very much for being such an intuitive healer. I have fibromyalgia, and am basically stiff as a board most of the time. I exercise regularly, eat only organic foods but despite doing most things right, I experience a lot of stiffening in my spine and it all goes downhill from there. After a couple sessions with you working your magic on my stingy tissue I feel a world of difference. I think with regular follow up treatments, I'll be able to do the things I love once again on a regular basis. Thanks so very much. You are the best healer I've ever known. many thanks."

Carole Walsh


Kara teaches a powerful and challenging yoga/meditation class: she challenges us to stay focused on our breathing, going deeper into meditation; then challenges us with the asana of movement. It’s a powerful class!"

Gail Johnson